Thursday, January 13, 2005

It's Little People day; plus a Quiz!

I took a trip from my normal home in the Land of Grown Ups today.

This morning, our housegirl, Nelly, brought her eldest son with her to work. At the age of 26, her eldest of five is 8 years old, and was very smartly dressed in jeans and a matching jean jacket. I gave him the free Shark Tale toy out of our box of Nutty O's, or whatever those replica HoneyNut Cheerios were called.

Then, on the way to work, my boda-boda driver stopped at his stage (the 'stage' is the place where him and is fellow drivers sit and wait for customers) to ask for change, since he knew he wouldn't be able to break the 10 000 shilling note I was going to pay him with. (The ride only costs 2500 shillings - about $1.70, Canadian.) One of the other drivers, The New Bald Guy With The Good Bike, was sitting holding a very little baby, which is somewhat unusual in a passenger-motorcycle driver. I got off, played with the baby for a minute, who turned out to be three months old but with at least 5 months worth of snot accumulation, and named Mohammed, which seemed like way too big a name for such a small person. Then I got back on the bike and sped off to work.

Now here comes the Quiz:

Who drooled all over my nice clean work blouse?
a) Nelly's son
b) New Bald Guy With The Good Bike's son
c) my boda-boda driver. (Incidentally, The Original Bald Guy with the Good Bike)

Leave your guess in the comments, a Ugandan stamp attached to a ugandan postcard goes to the winner!


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