Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy 2005

New Years weekend went like this:

Friday, came home from work a bit early, napped, tried on 3 different outfits 4 times each, showered, dressed, met some friends for dinner at a Thai restaurant, proceeded to Rouge (a nightclub), went home at 4:30 a.m.

Saturday, slept in, lay on the couch reading for a couple hours, made a beaded necklace, got bored of beading&reading, went into town for a coffee, went home, proceeded to a friends house for pizza and a DVD, home and sleeping at 12 pm.

Sunday, got up, went with some friends to go lie by a pool, sunburned the right side of body only, went home, showered, met friends for dinner (Indian), and went to the late show of Oceans Twelve. Back home, to bed.

Is it sad that this could have happened in Toronto as easily as here in Kampala (minus the sunburn, of course), or is it nice and comforting that life can be relaxing/routine no matter where you are?

I'm not sure!


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