Thursday, December 16, 2004

Shouting at People is a Mental Fault

Or so it says in the headline of the article taped up in the window of my co-worker's office. I'd believe it.

Did you know that...

1) There is no Luganda word for 'please'?
2) Men hold hands here, just as an every day matter of course? It's sort of sweet seeing two big burly men walk along the street with a few fingers intertwined. (Oh, and "there are no gays in Uganda!", so that's not it.)
3) That i could fly, round-trip, from uganda to bangkok, for only $350 dollars? Crazy, huh?
4)That I frequently need hiking boots to navigate a parking lot?
5)That you can indeed carry the following with you as a passenger on a motorcycle:
- 28-24 small wicker stools/ottomans
- 6 x 20 foot piece of sheet metal
- 8 live chickens
- another motorcycle
6)That I had a sty in my left eye yesterday, and it really hurt, but today it is much better?


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