Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I'm convinced it was just a bar that happened to have some Indian food menus lying around.

On friday night I went to this small random Indian restaurant for dinner. (I'd never heard of it, it was "behind Save The Children" which seemed to me like a pretty random place for a restaurant.) So anyways, myself and my three 'dinner companions' sit down, open the menu, marvel at the selection (about 30 0r 40 different items) and the very reasonable prices. We choose four items, carefully balancing veg and non-veg, saucy and non-saucy, as well as one order of rice, and two of naan. After much confusion, the waiter had everything written down properly, and we settled in to wait for our food.

We'd been waiting and chatting for about 15 minutes, when the waiter came over and said "I am very sorry, we don't have naan". We were pretty incredulous - an indian restaurant without any naan??? Crazy! So we ordered so more rice, and continued to wait.

About ten minutes later, the waiter again comes to our table, and says, "I'm sorry, but we don't have any of the chicken." We were pretty incredulous - no chicken? Crazy! After a very lengthy set of questioning, we concluded that it wasn't simply that they didn't have chicken tikka masala (the only chicken dish that we ordered), but that they didn't have chicken at all. Then we thought we'd confirm - but you do have the daal we ordered, right? No, actually ...no. Or anything else we had chosen. (This was only revealed as we asked about each dish, one at a time.)

So one of us said, "Okay, here is the menu, you show us what you DO have."

He looked at us, and said "We have rice!", to which we responded "okay, what else?" "We have weggie curry!" "What?" "Weggie curry. We have it." Sigh. "So all you have is veggie curry and rice?" "Yes yes we have it, we have weggie curry. And rice!"

So then we left.


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