Thursday, January 20, 2005

Guess what?

No, guess!

I signed up for sailing lessons!

Along with my friend Karisia, i attended the first 'dry' lesson last night of the Victoria Nyanza Sailing Club's Beginners Sailing Course, held in the upstairs party room of a pub. I'm pretty excited - I've never really tried anything like sailing before, and I'm looking forward to maybe finding something that is technically called a 'sport' that I might actually enjoy participating in! Its an intensive course - in addition to three wednesday-evening 'theory classes', I will be spending all day saturday and sunday for the next two weekends on Lake Victoria attempting to learn how to make a Laser do what i tell it to do. Given how confusing I found last night's theory, I am simply hoping that I don't end up being the amongst the "one or two people per course who inevitably don't learn how to sail by the last day." So let's all cross our fingers shall we? Because if my past history of being able coordinate all my limbs with the operation of sporting equipment is any indication, things don't look too good!

That being said, it'll be an opportunity, no matter what, to meet 12 new people and to try something new. So wish me luck for this weekend, and hope that the rescue boat captain is alert!


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