Friday, October 01, 2004

The night's big news.

Well, it's official.
Chocolate brown is definitely the new black. There's also a pretty high likelihood that purple is the new charcoal grey.

Also, I've come to beleive that if all political analysis was filtered through Jon Stewart, that a much greater percentage of the american population would be interested in politics.

And finally: (i) John Kerry kinda looks like a robot that has aged poorly, (ii) Dubya needs to sign up for a public speaking course at the local community college, and perhaps an improv class with the drama club. (iii) I don't really get the point of these debates. Unless one of the candidates somehow has a stroke during the first half-hour, I don't see how their performance could possibly change anybody's minds. And besides, if you are disinterested enough to still be an undecided voter, are you really going to be interested enough to watch a 2 hour debate?

Myself, I switched to nip/tuck when i realised that, as a canadian, I didn't need to inform a decision of any kind.


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