Tuesday, October 19, 2004

This blog is getting boring I know

So who could have predicted that almost three-months of 'sitting around and waiting' would produce a boring blog? I, for one, could not. I only wish i'd signed up to work as movie extra so that at least i could be paid to sit around. That being said, i should be heading back to Kampala in a couple weeks, at the latest (although I've been saying that for a couple months now!) and this blog will finally return to its original travel-bloggyness.

Anyhoo. I've added some new links to the 'linky linky' list. Fun stuff! Jon's Jail Journal is the weblog of a former stockbroker incarcerated on drug and money-laundering charges; Chocolate and Zucchini is basically food-porn; Knitty has cool knitting patterns; the Snowdeal family recently brought home their micro-preemie baby; Nick Nolte's Diary is the most-likely fake but amusing diary of the mostly inebriated actor. Basically this list is there to make it easy for me to get at the websites I myself enjoy, so maybe y'all will enjoy em too!

I'm going to Queen's Homecoming this weekend, which i'm looking forward too. I had originally thought that I'd be in Uganda this weekend, so its an extra-special exciting treat that I get to go.

Okay, i'm off to bed!


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