Saturday, December 03, 2005

Can I still post, even though I'm not in Uganda anymore?

There is a not-safe-for-work photo (unless you're at a moderately liberal workplace) at the bottom of the post. I'm just warnin' ya!

I've been home for three weeks now, and woohoo hasn't it all just been one crazy thing after another!! Oh, and by "one crazy thing" I mean "sitting around" and by "after another" I mean "almost everyday". (Which, i guess, is actually what "one day after another" means. But then I couldn't have used parallel sentence structure. And we all know how much I like to use that.)

My two big accomplishments since I've been back have been that I've finally signed up to write the GMAT, and I joined a gym. I'm figuring I need to have some goals if I'm going to avoid sitting on my ass all day. This way I have an excuse to actually leave the house, and I have something constructive to do when I'm home. (Although admittedly, the studying is going poorly. I'm procrastinating. I'm scared of math, and also I'm not really sure I want to do an MBA anyway - the GMAT test is required for MBA applications - so mostly I just pretend to study.)

Anyhoo, here's some pictures from Halloween in Kampala that I'd meant to put up ages ago, but hadn't. Above is myself and Heather, as a 'punk rock chick' and a hooker respectively. I think that considering that we went to Owino market (to buy costumes) a mere 5 hours before going out that we did well. Although it has been noted that should i have been plucked out of Kampala and plunked down in large North American city, I would not have looked like I was wearing a costume at all. I'm assuming that means that my costume looked "awesomely authentic" rather "lame-o". You be the judge.

Here's myself, Michaela (aerobics instructor) and Kelly (nurse) at Rouge. (We'd all been at Kyoto, the new japanese restaurant, before our arrival at Rouge.)

Myself, Heather, and Ida ('evil fairy') at about 4 a.m. All things considered, i think we still look mildly presentable. (I should note that I loved my princess-leia-esque hairdo from that night. Are there any actual non-halloween occasions where i can get away with doing that again?)

I don't know what the hell this chick was thinking. From the waist up, she's wearing nothing but body paint, with electrical tape over her nipples. Go ahead and stare. Its damn strange lookin'.

The girl wearing just the bra made out of candy was all 'fake boobs and whorishness', so it made sense, but this chick just sat on a bar stool and chatted with her friend all night.

If Halloween was at a warmer time of year in Toronto, wonder if I'd see things like that more often?

Well, that's probably it for the deanna-actually-in-uganda content. I'm trying to figure out what to do with this blog now that its name is completely nonsensical. Suggestions are welcome.

For now, I think I'll just go ponder the fact that Longo's sells branches for $15/2 branches, and that P. Diddy is now in the Proactiv infomercial. (Those two things have constituted the bulk of my 'reverse culture shock', after all.) What is this world coming to?!!