Friday, November 11, 2005

I'm home!

My tan is fading already.

Get in touch! (So I don't go bonkers with the "I'm 29 and living with my parents in the suburbs"-ness of it all)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

London, baby

I'm in London, staying with Karisia for a few days, and am currently using the free internet at SOAS, where Karisia goes to school. I've been horrible about the blogging lately; I had a whole halloween-themed entry all made up in my head, with clever photo captions and everything, but the internet in Heather and I's apartment was being really crappy, and it just didn't happen. In sum, though: I finished up at Ogilvy, it went really well; my lawsuit against Windows is inching along, a hearing date should be set this week; I had a fabulous birthday involving the spa at the Sheraton and then three FREE days at Jacana Lodge; I threw a Goodbye to Myself dinner party which 20 lovely people crammed into our apartment to attend; I ran around and got in some tanning time and craft shopping and packing and somehow managed to get a decent night's sleep before my departure from Uganda yesterday morning.

So now I'm in London. I'll be doing shopping and dinners and lunches and brunches with various Uganda and University era friends. And then I'm home on Thursday evening. See y'all then.