Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Here's a picture from of the NYC committee at the end of our big fundraising bazaar in June.  We had all been working really hard since about 7 that morning, and were finally getting a chance to chill out and watch the 3-on-3 basketball tournament. I have no idea what we're laughing so hard at.

From left to right is Emily Wissanji (my fellow NYC marketing manager, and the *first person i met in Uganda*, aka 'the only reason i ever met any friends'), Darren Hynes (NYC project coordinator; fellow Aga Khan flats resident; party animal), Sara Shymko (NYC business manager; workaholic; party animal when not working), Me, and Heather Harris (NYC events manager; teacher; my roommate.)  Missing from the photo is Zahid Wissanji (NYC business manager; emily's husband; all-round-passionate-guy; in the absence of a photo: medium height, long & wavy black hair in a ponytail, brown skin, looks kinda like my brother.)


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