Thursday, February 24, 2005

Get in touch - that's an order!

Hey, Family And Friends, did you know that you can send me text messages to my cell phone for free, online?? Yes, you can! And did you know that I would be PUMPED to get messages from the folks back home every once in a while? Yes, that's right, PUMPED!

Go to, and in the 'Send SMS' box on the left of the page, and beside the number 256 (uganda's country code), you can enter my phone number (78348598) and a message, i will get a text message on my phone.


If you are indeed a family or friend, please make my putting my phone number on the internet worth it; and if you aren't a family or friend please feel free to send NICE messages!

UPDATE - Friday 25th: I woke up this morning to a lovely message on my phone, but I don't know who it's from! So please put your name in there somewhere so i can send you back some good african mojo!


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