Friday, May 21, 2004

So much excitement in only one post

Okay, first of all, the excitement of excitement (even i'm not sure if i'm being sarcastic right now): I'm a lucky randomly-selected Blogger user who gets a beta Gmail account!! Woohoo - I never have to delete an email again!! I probably won't start really using it til I'm back home (my yahoo 'deannainuganda' address would just be too inconvenient to abandon right now) but for those of you who want to know, my new address will be deanna.lambert at gmail dot com. Yes, yes i am an official nerd now.

Secondly: i've been saying there'll be photos for a long time now, and finally I'm delivering. So that's kind of exciting too, huh? ... I said, HUH???

Remember? Back when I went to 'Chimp Island'? On the way there we had to stop at the Entebbe Wildlife Reserve (its called something like that, i think), and mainly I took photos of non-wildlife. A group of young girls in school uniform got really excited by the white folks with the cameras, and were only too happy to pose for us:

The zoo also had some wonderful musicians and dancers playing, and really, just a ton of monkeys wrestling in the parking lot. And you thought birds made a mess of your car.

The chimps of Chimp Island were pretty amazing - very human like, even in their expressions of boredom:

When they weren't bored, they were eating. Despite all the Exciting Chimp Action, Maria (the friend who took all these photos) was somehow almost as interested in these guys. :-)

The week after chimp-tasticness, Steph, myself, Zorin and Maria went on our trip to see the gorillas and stopped at the equator along the way. Across from the 'Equator' sign we stopped at a stand selling various produce, where we ate something called 'tomato':

Now, obviously this is not a tomato. But what is it you may ask? Well, I have no idea. It tasted like a combination of banana and zuccini. Anybody know what it is? I'd love to know!

I also had the chance along the way to introduce Steph to the glories of Ugandan food at the Feel Good Eats Place:

The yellow blobs are matoke (steamed & mashed plantain), the really-white blobs are posho (stiff maize meal porridge), the long light-brown things are fried cassava, and the circular whitish things are slices of 'sweet potato'. The stuff in the bowls is peas with goop. They're actually pretty good - they're designed to give flavour and moisture to everything else.

So that's the journey to the gorillas - actual gorrilla pictures coming in the next few days!


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