Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Ok, this is it

Welcome to my weblog about my trip to Uganda. I hope that at least some of the people i'm sending this to will find it interesting (hi mom! hi dad!). Since i decided to do this retroactively, you can catch up on what i've done here since I arrived in december by scrolling to the bottom of the page and working your way back up.

The entries that are posted so far are basically copied versions of some of the emails i'd sent to family and friends since my arrival, since many of them were pretty descriptive and i thought it made sense to just re-use them. Plus, I'm lazy. On the downside, i'm aware that some of these posts make me sound kind of dorky, but since the only people who'll know about this thing are people who are either related to me or have known me for several years, I feel like i'm ok.

Now that i have this thing, please don't stop emailing me- i did this so i can concentrate on having my email communications be more personal, rather than just an account of what i've been up to.

Enjoy! (I hope!)


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