Tuesday, February 10, 2004

For the Ick Files - Jan 25

Oh, here's something for the 'ick' file: Apparently during my trip to zanzibar, some kind of parasitic sand flea that lives in the beaches hopped onto two of my toes, dug in, and laid a few thousand eggs inside my toes. It was extraordinarily pleasant, let me tell you. I went to the doctor, the dug 'em all out, and now i'm completely larvae-free. I feel like i've gotten the *full* african experience though now that i've hosted a parasite. Yum.

Work here at U**** is okay, but not terribly exciting yet, as things are pretty slow moving. I've proposed and was approved for 3 different projects, which there seems to be a lot of enthusiasm for. Its nice to be somewhere where they think i'm brilliant, although i must admit the bar is set pretty low! Its sort of frustrating though , its impossible to get anything done, for various reasons: one computer for three people, unpaid phone bills, an entirely different standard for efficiency, timeliness, and especially honesty. I haven't really adjusted to these cultural differences around work yet, and it still drives me a bit nuts.

One interesting progression is that our executive director is emigrating to Canada in February, and since they are unimpressed with the applications received for the position, they just casually informed me that maybe i'll just do it for a few months, and then hire somebody before i leave. Hmm.

Oh yeah, and i moved houses, i now am living with a 60-yr old woman. She's pretty cool for 60, but still. Then again, i now have someone who does all the cooking (a cook, not the 60yr old), satellite tv (lots of CNN, I'm surprisingly well informed considering i'm in africa), and a georgeous back yard with mango, banana, and avocado trees. I wish i could say that living with a grandma was cramping my style, but it isn't!